MWC ’22 Interview Series – Paul Bradley

How are OEMs, the device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, module manufacturers, and the SIM community preparing for the future? In this MWC ’22 interview, Paul Bradley from Kigen joins us to discuss eSIM, iSIM, smart labels, and how the visibility of these new products will shape the market in 2022.

Where will we see eSIM and iSIM?

Bradley expects a massive ramp up in eSIM and iSIM technologies this year. The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of services at all levels, and more and more device manufacturers are integrating an eSIM by default. Expect to see many new devices going eSIM-first this year, as this acceleration benefits the entire ecosystem.

One of the major recent changes in the IoT space because of that iSIM acceleration is the largest chipset vendors now supporting iSIM. This is especially true in the LPWAN ranges, such as chipsets supporting NB-IoT and LTE CAT-M. In another trend, manufacturers are bundling connectivity with module hardware, ensuring devices are connected out of the box easily and seamlessly. This has been a huge leap forward for enterprises looking to leverage cellular connectivity inside their products.

Collaboration Benefits all Stakeholders

GSMA standards describe an eUICC ecosystem with device manufacturers, operators, and SIM vendors. Telecommunications has always relied on standardization in order for two parties to be able to communicate. In fact, the GSMA eSIM working groups, like the eSIM working group 7 and the IoT Safe Working Group, have really come together as a community. The OEMs, the device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, module manufacturers and, of course, the SIM community are all working together. This collaboration guarantees that new technology is accessible and simply defined.

With any standardization, all players want a perfect solution out on the market. To reach that point, enterprises from across the industry are interworking and discussing all aspects of design. This takes time, however, it is very fruitful. When it comes to deploying products and services, those same parties, are bringing them to market together.

Stay Smart

By including all voices, unique application of eUICC technology are coming to market. Bradley is enthusiastic about the smart label. The smart label is an asset tracker. With a light footprint, this minute device can track and share data of a shipment from manufacturing all the way out onto the field.

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