New GSMA Standard for IoT Further Unlocks eSIM Potential

In May 2023, the GSMA released details of the new eSIM standard for IoT devices (SGP 0.32). We highlight some of the key details and how it will support the next wave of mass IoT deployments. … Read More

iSIM: The Next Generation in Cellular Connectivity for IoT Deployments

If you thought the eSIM was the limit of SIM evolution, think twice. The next generation of IoT SIMs proves that the best things do come in (increasingly) smaller packages. Read on to learn more about the iSIM and how it can benefit your IoT deployments. … Read More

What is an eSIM?

There is some confusion in the market about what an eSIM is, the benefits it offers, and what considerations should be made when implementing a global IoT project. This article will shed some light on these questions and more. … Read More

MWC ’22 Interview Series – Paul Bradley

How are OEMs, the device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, module manufacturers, and the SIM community preparing for the future? What about eSIM, iSIM, smart labels, and how the visibility of these new products will shape the market in 2022? … Read More

ZARIOT, Kigen, and The @ Company Stem Chaos in IoT through True E2E Encryption and SIM Technology

Determined to prevent IoT from repeating the mistakes of the Internet, SIM technology, encryption, and network security combine to change the course of data privacy in cellular IoT. As consumers embrace connected devices and services, inadequate levels of basic security, … Read More

Join us at MWC Barcelona

ZARIOT Shapes the Discussion of Mobile Security ZARIOT is excited for the return of the (mostly) full sized Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The world’s largest mobile technology convention was cancelled in 2020 and reduced in size last year. Now, … Read More

5 Considerations When Choosing an IoT Connectivity Partner (4/5) – Security

#4 Security Hackers and other bad actors are constantly seeking (and finding) new vulnerabilities in networks, and access points to data and devices. “When companies are trying to determine how well connectivity providers can combat such intrusions, they should focus … Read More

5 Considerations When Choosing an IoT Connectivity Partner (2/5) – Switching

#2 Switching Downtime in IoT may refer to the time a device itself is inoperative, or to the time it spends offline. For mission-critical devices, this is nothing to take lightly, but for many devices, consistent coverage may be a … Read More