ZARIOT & Teragence streamline and enhance your IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is developing rapidly, with new solutions rolling out across the globe daily. Each with the potential to improve our lives and make our world more efficient. As a result, IoT now plays a vital role across all industries and all regions.

However, an IoT solution is only as good as its connectivity. Failure to ensure proper connectivity can lead to increased cost and significant deployment delays.

At ZARIOT, we already invest heavily in our connectivity partnerships, ensuring that multiple operators are available to our customers devices wherever they may be globally.

However, our latest partnership with Teragence transforms testing and assuring connectivity from an expensive, time-consuming, on-site deployment activity, to a quick and easy planning activity. Saving you time and money.

Teragence Signal Checker

Teragence’s Signal Checker provides users with an accurate localized view of cellular network data availability, as well as coverage of LPWAN protocols such as NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Teragence, coupled with ZARIOT’s cost effective global multi-carrier SIMs, means you can avoid coverage black spots caused by buildings or terrain, and deliver smarter and more streamlined IoT rollouts.

In this article, we outline some specific IoT use cases where our joint offering enhances IoT implementation:

  • Choosing the right radio access
  • Selecting IoT deployment locations for optimised connectivity
  • Accelerating assurance & trouble shooting with enhanced connectivity insights


Choosing the right radio access

Problem: ZARIOT and Teragence understand that mobile connectivity is the foundation of any IoT solution. While ZARIOT SIMs provide secure connectivity to over 650 local operators worldwide, there is often little information on coverage provided. Additionally, operator-provided coverage maps are often unreliable, a problem exacerbated when considering NB-IoT or LTE-M.

Solution: Teragence Signal Checker comprehensively covers 4G and 5G, as well as the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies e.g. NB-IoT and LTE-M. This makes it ideal for identifying the best IoT service provider, whether on a country-wide or location-specific basis. ZARIOT SIMs will always search for a connection but can also provide the flexibility and functionality for you to pre-select the network operator of your choice. You can determine what works best for your IoT solution, making yours “right first time” deployments.


Selecting IoT deployment locations for optimised connectivity

Problem: One of the ways IoT deployments deliver massive value is by eliminating the need for high-cost physical site visits. But when a device is in a low-signal location, it may require multiple trips, with each adding to your operating costs and reducing your bottom line.

Solution: With Teragence Signal Checker, you can verify the signal strength at any location across all cellular technologies prior to deployment, including LTE-M and NB-IoT. This proactive step means you experience fewer disruptions and time-consuming failures during the actual deployment.


Accelerating assurance & trouble shooting with enhanced connectivity insights

Problem: Installing sensors is only the beginning of an IoT journey, with ongoing management and support as vital elements of a successful deployment. There are a few avenues to explore: from FAQ pages and chatbots, to trouble ticket automation. Yet, the ability to quickly identify and eliminate potential root causes of a problem is a key driver of customer satisfaction and retention.

Solution: With ZARIOT’s fully customizable portal and Teragence’s Signal checker, you can ascertain the likelihood of bad connectivity as the problem root cause when a device malfunctions in a specific location. This ability to rapidly diagnose the issue saves costs and improves performance, allowing you to deliver on the efficiency promise of your solution.



Industries will continue to unlock the potential of IoT to harness actionable insights stemming from rich data.

Together ZARIOT and Teragence demonstrate tangible benefits in better deployment planning and troubleshooting. Ensuring optimal execution and reduced costs.

Whether you’re a water company planning smart meters to monitor water levels and flows, or a smart city solutions provider with plans to monitor traffic levels in a neighbourhood. Our joint solution can ensure you optimise the placement of your sensors for the best performing connectivity, real-time monitoring, and effortless troubleshooting.

ZARIOT are proud to work with Teragence and welcome them to our ecosystem of partners. Contact us to understand how the community can provide the flexibility and security for you to create your ideal IoT solution.

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