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Case Study: YaWatt & ZARIOT accelerate towards a greener future

YaWatt E-Technologies (“YaWatt”) offers turn-key Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point management services. Adding value for both owners and businesses of electric vehicles. They enable businesses to explore new revenue models by managing all operations of public EV charging points. Using … Read More

The Paradox of Choice in Connectivity

According to Beecham research, over 19% of IoT deployments contain more than 10,000 global devices. With large scale IoT projects becoming the norm across verticals and use cases, IoT and network connectivity architectures are becoming more complex.   But one of … Read More

IoT in an Aging Population

As life expectancy increases globally, how we can provide long-term care for aging citizens is a vital issue. Data from the World Bank shows an increasingly aging population, with an accelerating rise in the number of people over 65 since … Read More

Top IoT Solutions in the Automotive Sector

IoT is rapidly changing the way we live, and this is particularly true of the automobile industry where some of the more groundbreaking automotive IoT solutions are being developed and implemented.   The integration of vehicles and IoT has unlocked … Read More

Key Roles of Asset Trackers Beyond Location Monitoring

Often, the first things that comes to mind when we think asset trackers is that they monitor items, vehicles or even people in transit. But more manufacturers and OEMs are moving towards multifunctionality across a variety of use cases. Thus, … Read More

Powering Industry 4.0 with Cellular IoT

The rise of industry 4.0 is driven by IoT, AI and ML, blockchain, augmented reality, and other technology types that have revolutionized operations across numerous industries from manufacturing to oil and gas.    Still, smart sensors and actuators remain the primary … Read More