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ZARIOT Shapes the Discussion of Mobile Security

ZARIOT is excited for the return of the (mostly) full sized Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The world’s largest mobile technology convention was cancelled in 2020 and reduced in size last year. Now, however, after seeing the renewed global reliance on mobile technology to work and stay connected through this pandemic, the GSMA is pushing ahead with a week of conferences, seminars, and showcases of the forefront of mobile technology in order to keep up with the world changing momentum our industry has experienced these last two years.

Along with the hubbub and spectacle of the event, MWC is a hub of networking and the place to learn about groundbreaking innovations in software and hardware, as well as how the world is reacting to the current technological revolution. ZARIOT has been invited to speak on several panels and is in the running for another GLOMO award and 3 MEFFYS.

Secure by Design

As companies churn out a myriad of interconnected devices and services, and the world of IoT grows exponentially, there is a real concern about how secure these devices and services are and what vulnerabilities they bring to the networks to which they are connected. Head of Security Jimmy Jones will be speaking at this panel about what companies and manufacturers of IoT will be doing over the next two years to meet and comply with new legal requirements and proposed industry standards. ZARIOT has been a key player in developing the hardware and software solutions for data privacy and security. Learn what challenges the industry faces embedding tougher cybersecurity measures into the design of new devices and components and what the consequences could be if they fail.

 •            Secure by Design 
Wednesday 2 March  |  14.30  |  The Studio, Hall 4

5G IoT Summit

ZARIOT has been invited to keynote the “Next Generation of IoT Enabled by eSIM: the Business Landscape” panel at the 5G IoT Summit. As IoT technologies have enabled connections between technology and people, with Massive IoT fully embracing the benefits of 5G and Licensed LPWA technologies (LTE-M & NB-IoT), mobile operators continue to provide always-on, secure, well covered and highly scalable connectivity and services, that enable a wide range of IoT solutions and applications for consumers and businesses across multiple industry verticals. 

At the GSMA flagship IoT event for MWC 2022, the 5G IoT Summit will gather the most knowledgeable IoT industry experts to share the growth, development, mega trends, successes, and opportunities of Massive IoT in the 5G Era, Critical IoT with Big Data and Edge, and the business landscape of eSIM in the market.

See how ZARIOT is reinventing the world with IoT in the 5G era as Head of Security Jimmy Jones and Head of Research Laragh Larsen share their insights.

•             5G IoT Summit: Next Generation of IoT Enabled by eSIM: the Business Landscape
Wednesday 2 March  |  15.00  |  Theatre 3, Hall 7, Fira Gran Via

Debuting our latest Whitepaper

We are thrilled to have the venue of Mobile World Congress to announce our latest collaboration and innovation. As consumers embrace connected devices and services, inadequate levels of basic security, such as encryption and authentication schemes risk consumer mistrust. To address this, ZARIOT and The @ Company have developed a solution using a new encryption protocol and SIM-based technologies to guarantee data privacy and control. In partnership with Kigen, the SIM, eSIM, or iSIM can be used as a tamper-proof root of trust on cellular IoT devices such as pacemakers, remote security cameras, and asset trackers. This technology benefits business and consumers alike by simplifying not only provisioning and management, but security, data privacy, and ownership in a landscape of increasing public demand and regulation.

Roll out the Red Carpet for the 2022 GLOMOS and MEFFYS

For the second year in a row, ZARIOT has been shortlisted for a GLOMO. The Global Mobile Awards are the mobile industry’s highest honour, and nominees and winners are selected by a panel of leading experts from around the world. Selection for the shortlist is global recognition as a major player in the tech sector, winning a GLOMO is absolute acknowledgement as a leader among your peers.

We are honoured to be recognised as a vanguard in the creation of technology to safeguard customer personal data and to help network operators and service providers combat fraudulent access to networks. Our entry for this year’s awards, ‘Empowering End-to-end IoT Ecosystem Security’ highlights the urgent need to continue innovating to keep up with relentlessly developing security threats. It builds on our entry for last year’s awards, and we are proud to keep our streak of innovation going another year.

•             GLOMO Awards Ceremony
Wednesday 2 March  |  12.00  |  Attend the Virtual Ceremony

The 17th Annual MEFFY Awards will be at MWC in Barcelona with the winners of 7 categories announced LIVE on the night. Glitz, glamour, press, red carpet, entertainment plus lots more – it is time to take the pulse of the latest new ideas and trends. The Nominations are in and ZARIOT has been nominated for an award in the Mobile IoT category.

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum has asked the question, What has been the most impactful use case of an IoT solution across 2021? ZARIOT is all about IoT connectivity security through innovation. The full potential of IoT can only be realised by user trust. Trust can only be achieved by comprehensive security. ZARIOT was conceived with the goal of providing a solely IoT-focused cellular connectivity solution with premium security, fully protecting data and devices on mobile network infrastructure. 

Having achieved this, ambition has expanded to focus on the final IoT solution security. ZARIOT now also provides tamperproof end-to-end encryption of all device data, as well as a patented Anti-IMSI catcher which protects devices from rogue base stations for previous generations supporting the standards work in 5G. ZARIOT continues to innovate to deliver unrivalled flexibility, support and security for the lifetime of cellular IoT projects.

•             MEFFY Awards Ceremony

Monday 28 February  |  19.00  | Marina Port Vell Restaurant, Sea Garden & Terrace 1 Moll de la Barceloneta 

We are so excited for this week in Barcelona, experiencing the cutting edge of the technology that will shape our future.

See you there!

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