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New GSMA Standard for IoT Further Unlocks eSIM Potential

In May 2023, the GSMA released details of the new eSIM standard for IoT devices (SGP 0.32). We highlight some of the key details and how it will support the next wave of mass IoT deployments. … Read More

5G REDCAP Will Pave the Way for Mass IoT Deployment

What are the features of 5G Reduced Capacity (REDCAP) and how will drive the next wave of large scale IoT adoption? We explore this and more in this article. … Read More

IoT Evolution Demands a Change in Conversation in 2022

With the IoT coming of age, does there need to be a change in the collective conversation with regard to its role and evolution? … Read More

Delivering IoT Connectivity at Scale: Why We Should Care

By Jimmy Jones, Head Of Security – ZARIOT When companies significantly scale, almost all key considerations of IoT solutions are directly impacted. Discover why companies cannot be blasé. Today we are blasé when reading about 30.9 billion connected IoT devices … Read More