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How to Meet Sustainability Goals with Cellular IoT

Although challenges are complex, adopting cellular IoT solutions is a positive step towards a cohesive energy transition strategy with clear and tangible benefits. Read more to find out how. … Read More

New GSMA Standard for IoT Further Unlocks eSIM Potential

In May 2023, the GSMA released details of the new eSIM standard for IoT devices (SGP 0.32). We highlight some of the key details and how it will support the next wave of mass IoT deployments. … Read More

Key Factors for a Successful Global IoT Deployment

IoT utilizes many different assets and resources to fully realize its global potential. Yet, achieving a successful global IoT deployment is a complex process. One that includes consideration of connectivity, devices, data analytics, and more. After all, according to Microsoft, … Read More

5 Ways to Build a Culture of Security in Your Organization

With a culture of security, organizations not only mitigate risks but improve compliance with regulations such as GDPR. Here are 5 practices to help build overall security maturity for your organization. … Read More

Moving IoT Deployments Toward Revenue Generation

How is IoT going to drive revenue and new business models? We explore 3 strategies that organizations are leveraging today. … Read More

Revised EU Regulations for Reusable Batteries in 2024

In this article, we answer common questions surrounding the proposed EU Battery Regulations of 2024. We also delve into how they may affect your business if you operate in the reusable battery supply chain. … Read More

5 Real World Applications of Cellular IoT For Smart Cities

Cellular IoT has the potential to alleviate the pressures of urbanization and make daily living more comfortable and secure for all inhabitants. Read on for the most common use cases in smart cities and examples of successful deployments. … Read More

Taking Identity to the Edge (Devices)

Did you know that the concept of having a unique identity can be applied to the IoT ecosystem and on an even more granular level, each and every IoT device? Learn more here. … Read More

New FDA Cybersecurity Regulations for Medical Devices

We answer some of the common questions you might have on the FDA’s new guidance and updates on medical device cybersecurity. … Read More

Addressability in IoT Deployments

First time hearing about addressability for your IoT deployment? Don’t fret. We’re here to explore what it means and why it is becoming increasingly important in the IoT ecosystem. … Read More